Real Estate Law

Skilled Help When Buying Or Selling Residential And Commerical Real Estate

Buying or selling a piece of real estate is a significant matter. For most people, the purchase of real estate will be the largest transaction that they will take part in during their lifetime. Whether it is purchasing a home for your family or buying property as an investment, it is important to protect your interests with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. At the law firm of Delaney & Fritz, P.C., we represent both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. From our law office in Indiana County, we handle transactions throughout western Pennsylvania.

Helping Buyers

Buying a home or investment property is an exciting time. However, it can also be overwhelming. At Delaney & Fritz, P.C., we are here to help you through the buying process from the sales contract to conducting the closing, and every step in between. Our office will coordinate your closing with the realtor, your lender and the seller. Our experienced attorneys are available to answer all of your questions about the closing process, including questions related to title insurance, the title examination and the timeline for your closing.

Helping Sellers

Whether you are selling your property with a realtor or have the property listed for sale by owner, Delaney & Fritz, P.C., is here to help. We review all types of documents related to the sale of real estate, including listing agreements, sale agreements and addendums to help ensure that your interests are protected. If you are selling your property without a realtor, we are able to draft the necessary documentation, such as a sales contract, to get your property sold. In either case, our knowledgeable attorneys will make sure your interests are protected, and that important documents like the deed and the closing statement are accurate and comply with your sales contract.

The Advantage Of Using An Attorney

In Pennsylvania, both attorneys and closing companies provide closing services for buyers and sellers. However, there are many advantages to hiring an attorney. Here a just a few:

  1. When you use an attorney to buy or sell, you receive representation throughout the entire transaction. On the other hand, most closing companies are limited to preparing standardized documents necessary for title insurance or for the lender. Most closing companies cannot provide you with legal advice or guidance.
  2. In preparation of closing, if the title examination reveals a potential title issue, our attorneys will provide you with the legal advice on how to best resolve the problem and draft the corrective documents. Whereas, most closing companies cannot provide any legal advice, and generally do not prepare curative documents, leaving the buyer or seller with no choice but to retain legal counsel anyway.
  3. Generally speaking, the cost of attorney services and the fees charged by a closing company are comparable. In addition, at Delaney & Fritz, P.C., we work as approved attorneys for many title insurance companies.
  4. Specifically, at Delaney & Fritz, P.C., we do not use third parties to perform our title examinations. All of our title abstractors are firm employees who work hand in hand with the attorneys to complete an accurate and reliable title report. In contrast, many closing companies outsource these tasks to third parties.
  5. Finally, at Delaney & Fritz, P.C., you will deal with the same people from the start of the process through the time of closing. At closing you will meet with an experienced attorney to review and sign your closing documents. In contrast, most closing companies generally send a “closer” to the closing. Typically, that person has limited information about your matter and their main purpose is to secure your signature on the documents and return the documents to the closing company.

To find out more about how the lawyers at Delaney & Fritz, P.C. can help you, contact our law firm by calling 724-349-2255. We will work with you one-on-one to fulfill your wishes and meet your real estate needs.