Probate Services

Find Answers To The Questions That Arise In Probate

The passing of a loved one is a major event from a personal standpoint. It is also a legally significant moment. Because the probate process and estates themselves are complex matters, legal counsel can be valuable.

At Delaney & Fritz, P.C., our probate lawyers work with personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries throughout the process. Whether your case involves complex assets, unique family situations or other issues, we will give you skilled guidance. We serve clients from all over the country who own property in western Pennsylvania.

Supporting Executors With Their Duties

If you are the personal representative of an estate, you carry an important burden. The court can hold you personally liable for any mistakes you make during the probate process.

For this reason, our probate attorneys provide services for the many challenges of probate, such as:

  • Locating estate assets, liabilities and documentation
  • Appraising property
  • Protecting the estate against false creditor claims and other damages
  • Paying the estate’s debts and tax obligations
  • Overseeing the distribution of inheritance to beneficiaries
  • Communicating with the court and keeping accurate records

Delaney & Fritz, P.C., will thoroughly review the decedent’s estate plan and their assets. Not all assets need to enter probate. Instead, some assets can go directly to beneficiaries. We can identify these assets, which may include life insurance benefits, property in a trust or savings in a retirement account.

Representation For Family Members And Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries and heirs may have concerns during the process, such as the validity of the will or the actions of the personal representative. Our firm understands these concerns, and we will treat your case seriously. We can represent your interests in will contests, breach of fiduciary claims and probate litigation.

We Offer Responsive Client Service

Your physical location does not have to impede your ability to fulfill your duties or file a claim. We frequently work with clients who are out of the state or country in which the estate’s assets are located. No matter where you are, we will work to remain accessible to you. In many cases, no travel is necessary. We can also handle real estate transactions that are a part of probate.

Our probate attorneys can speak with you via phone at 724-349-2255, teleconference or confidential email to discuss your needs. We will regularly update you throughout the probate and estate administration process.