Personal Injury

When An Injury Sets You Back, You Have Options

Illness and injuries are part of life. However, when an injury is the direct result of someone else’s mistakes rather than natural causes, it is important to know your legal rights.

Delaney & Fritz, P.C., can listen to your side of the situation and figure out what you can do next. Our personal injury lawyers can guide you during this difficult time. From our office in Indiana County, we serve clients throughout western Pennsylvania.

Covering The Damages Of Your Injury

Delaney & Fritz, P.C., can help you seek damages for injuries in cases of all types, such as:

  • Premises liability cases, including slip-and-fall accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car wrecks, truck collisions, motorcycle crashes and pedestrian accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Dangerous or defective product injuries

In these situations, you may not only suffer physical and emotional damage but also economic damage. If someone else was negligent or malicious, Pennsylvania law enables you to pursue compensation for your many potential losses – from medical bills to lost income and more.

Our attorneys understand how to build your claim with evidence and strategy. Let us take care of the details regarding insurance claims or lawsuits while you focus on your personal recovery.

Insurance Is Complicated. Leave It To Us.

Whether your injuries are the result of a car accident or another problem, insurance is often at the center of personal injury claims. In a perfect world, all you would need to do is submit your claim and wait for the insurance company to give you fair compensation.

However, the average person could face many obstacles before finally reaching fair results. Insurance companies know how to devalue injury claims in order to maximize profits.

For example, car crash claims are not always simple. Pennsylvania is generally a no-fault state, which means that you may get compensation after an auto accident no matter who is liable. Even still, insurance policies might not cover all your damages.

Our firm knows how important your case is. We also know how to combat the tactics that insurance adjusters could use against your claim. While we work toward fair settlements whenever possible, we are also ready to take your case to court if necessary.

Free Personal Injury Case Review

Do not assume that the insurance company or other party will treat you fairly. Legal representation can protect you and advocate for your interests. Call 724-349-2255 or email Delaney & Fritz, P.C., for a no-cost and no-obligation case review.