Estate Planning

Estate Planning Should Protect The People Who Are Most Important To You

When the decisions you make today can affect your family far into the future, the importance of estate planning becomes clear. You want to feel confident that you are making the best decisions possible for the people you love.

Our estate planning at Delaney & Fritz, P.C., can give you this confidence. We will review your assets and personal goals then provide clear information about your options. You can expect us to respect your wishes and help you achieve your goals. From our office in Indiana County, we serve families throughout western Pennsylvania.

In addition to estate planning, we guide personal representatives and family members through the Pennsylvania probate process. We also handle probate disputes.

Regardless Of Net Worth, Your Wishes Matter

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Nor is it just for the elderly. In reality, an estate plan can benefit people of all ages and income levels.

Through estate planning, you can accomplish multiple goals such as:

  • Naming guardians for your minor children
  • Stating your preferences for end-of-life medical care
  • Designating a person to make decisions for you if you are incapacitated
  • Determining how to preserve property and distribute an inheritance
  • Minimizing probate costs for your family
  • Defining how your beneficiaries can use assets within a trust
  • Making charitable donations
  • Reducing estate taxes through lifetime gifting and other methods

Effective estate planning can be particularly useful for individuals who have unique circumstances. We can help you navigate a variety of challenges, including preparations following a serious medical diagnosis or a family change like divorce.

Design A Practical Plan For Your Needs

Assuming that your spouse or loved ones will know what to do – or have the power to act – in a critical situation is risky. For example, your spouse might not automatically have the legal authority to make certain decisions for you.

For most people in Pennsylvania, it is advisable to create a basic plan featuring:

  • A will
  • Powers of attorney, which can ensure your care if you are one day incapable of managing your medical or financial needs
  • A living will, which specifically allows you to express your preferences regarding feeding tubes or other artificial life support

These three elements can provide essential protection for your finances, family and medical care. If you have complex needs, however, Delaney & Fritz, P.C., can also create additional estate planning tools. Collaborate with our lawyers for trusts and other detailed planning methods according to your unique needs.

Begin Making Arrangements Today

Together, we can create a foundation that will shape the future. Over your lifetime, you can also revise and update your estate plan as your life and wishes change. To get started, call 724-349-2255 or contact our law office by sending an email.