Four things you should not do if you are getting divorced

Four things you should not do if you are getting divorced

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During your divorce, you may find it difficult to stay on your best behavior. If your marriage was particularly contentious or chilly, you may feel inclined to wage an all-out war on your ex. Yet, engaging in certain actions could make proceedings more difficult than they need to be. To avoid this outcome, you will want to keep in mind four things you should not do during your divorce.

Post comments about your ex on Facebook

You will likely feel tempted to air your grievances about your ex on social media if your divorce is particularly difficult. While your Facebook friends may provide you the emotional support you seek, sharing details about your divorce on the platform could get back to your ex. Your posts, then, could count as evidence in your divorce case, and your badmouthing of your ex could affect the terms of your settlement agreement – including your share of custody, if you two have children together.

Post photos of yourself celebrating with a new partner

You might have started a relationship with a new partner after you and your ex separated. If you are head over heels in love, you will likely want to share this person with the world. Yet, it is best to wait to do so until after your divorce. If you share photos of yourself and your partner celebrating at a bar or enjoying yourselves on a lavish vacation, your ex could use these as leverage against you during proceedings. They may question your fidelity during your marriage, as well as your spending habits and the support your new partner provides you. As a result, you could end up with a smaller share of marital property or alimony – if you are eligible – than you would have otherwise. Your photos could also have effects on the share of custody you receive if their content brings your parental fitness into question.

Try to hide assets from your ex

You may have certain marital assets that you do not want to share with your ex in your divorce. To keep these out of your case, you may feel inclined to hide them. Yet, Pennsylvania follows an equitable distribution property division model. Under this model, you and your ex will divide your marital assets in a manner that is fair – though not necessarily equal – given your circumstances. Hiding marital assets is illegal and could come with stiff penalties. Likely, you will have to repay your ex their share of the marital assets you took. The court may also order you to pay a fine, as well as your ex’s attorney’s fees.

Dissipate marital assets

Some people go on spending sprees with marital assets during their divorce in attempts to reduce the amount available to divide. You may feel the urge to whittle down your marital estate on shopping excursions, exotic travel or other luxuries. By wasting marital assets in these – and other – manners, though, the court will likely award you a lesser share of those still available.

By engaging in bad behavior during your divorce, you will put yourself at risk of a disadvantageous outcome. With the guidance of a family law attorney, you can handle your divorce in a manner that will help you receive a settlement that reflects your needs.