Child support and requesting a modification in Pennsylvania

Child support and requesting a modification in Pennsylvania

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Family law issues in Pennsylvania can be difficult to navigate. This is especially true when children are involved. If there is a child support order, the custodial or noncustodial parent might, at some point, want it to be modified. Understanding the details involved in requesting a modification is imperative.

The fundamental parts of child support modifications

There are requirements when requesting a child support modification, and they apply regardless which parent is asking for it. A modification is possible if there is evidence that the paying parent, the obligor, has had a drastic change in income, or the child’s needs have changed. The custodial parent who is receiving support payments might need a change to the order if education costs have increased, or the child’s medical expenses have risen dramatically, and insurance does not cover it. There are time constraints dictating when the review can take place.

The difference between a custodial and noncustodial parent requesting a change

The custodial parent is advised to request a modification if the supporting parent’s income has risen significantly, or the child’s financial needs have markedly increased. Asking for frivolous reasons, like wanting to make an unnecessary purchase, is unwise. Noncustodial parents should ask for a modification if their income has substantially decreased for any reason. The court will need evidence of this before allowing a modification, so it is crucial to have proof.

Legal assistance may be essential

It is common for parents to request a child support modification. The key to having it approved is gathering sufficient evidence and adhering to the legal requirements. Consulting with a firm that has experience in all aspects of family law and child support can provide guidance and advice with modification requests.