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Delaney & Fritz, P.C., has more than 40 years of experience in oil and gas title law in Pennsylvania. The firm works for some of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in the market. The firm's attorneys style each certificate of title to the specifications of clients, catering the products to the needs of clients.

A look at what the firm offers:

Drill site title opinion: Companies rely on Delaney & Fritz, P.C., to produce a highly accurate, highly reliable opinion before they start drilling. They are confident after utilizing the firm's products and services to know the status of ownership of all crucial details involved with oil and gas drilling, such as who owns the gas and at what depth.

Due diligence: Publicly traded entities have an obligation to shareholders to do their due diligence to make certain they know what interests in oil and gas are owned by whom. The firm verifies for prospective purchasers whether the documents at the courthouse substantiate representations of prospective sellers.

Bring down title opinion: This service limits the scope of examination to a much shorter period of search than a drill site opinion. It brings forward previous Delaney & Fritz, P.C., certification work, appending it the new certificate.

A limited certificate of title: This is different from the bringdown in that the original opinion that the client wants brought forward in time was not generated by Delaney & Fritz, P.C. The firm only certifies the time period since the previous search, saving clients time and money. Delaney & Fritz, P.C., assumes that the prior certificate was correct, and is not responsible for the assumed facts.

Ownership report: A report on ownership of any element of title to real property per the client's specification, without a lawyer's certification.

Division order title opinion: Determinations of percentages of royalty.

Delaney & Fritz, P.C.: Dedicated To Accurate, Reliable Oil And Gas Title Work

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