Oil And Gas Title Examination

For oil and gas title examination, the firm provides a complete title search, heavily scrutinizing all documents involved. This ensures that after the review, it is clear who the legal owner of the oil and gas is and whether there are defects or clouds over it.

The firm prepares a certificate of title to give companies the legal opinions necessary to begin drilling for oil on a site.

Delaney & Fritz, P.C., aggressively pursues the interests of the firm's clients. The work of its lawyers allows companies to guard against risk when developing oil and gas. The firm utilizes in-house title abstractors who search records at courthouses across Pennsylvania to determine the ownership of oil and gas under tracts of land for large- and medium-sized oil and gas exploration companies. The staff works together to prepare an attorney's certificate of title to provide clients.

Delaney & Fritz, P.C., offers several products and services such as a drill site opinion, a bringdown title opinion, a limited certificate of title, ownership reports and a division order title opinion. Visit the firm's products and services page to learn more.

Contact Delaney & Fritz, P.C., For Oil And Gas Title Examination

The firm's accomplishments in oil and gas law are representative of its ability to successfully manage complex title searches from the beginning to end point of a title opinion. The Indiana, Pennsylvania, firm can be reached at 724-349-2255 or through email.